3D Info-architecture

In order to provide our customers with the best and most innovative service and advice for their projects, Rudeco has created the Info-Architecture Department.

Our team of IT and 3D experts will be in charge to help our clients to have a better understanding of the architectural projects that they aim to develop.

This department is also focused on the real estate and promotional area of housing, industrial buildings, residential areas as well as the creation of interactive videos.

We count with the most modern technology, which allows us to face any architectural project.

The production of three-dimensional photorealistic images requires the use of important technological resources, which is why we have the most modern technology in workstations, which allows us to carry out any type of virtual architecture project, whatever its size.

We use the most advanced software for the realization of images and animations, allocating an important part of our time and resources to the search and exploration of new techniques and programs 3D and CAD.

Thus, we ensure to offer our customers the quality they demand, and we aim to improve day by day.

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