New Construction

Rudeco combines a history of success in various construction projects, with a modern vision of the future focused on the benefit to our customers and the community. Accessing our New Construction services means investing in your future. We use state-of-the-art technologies and apply the different skills of our team, to deliver excellent quality construction projects, with the guarantee of the best price, in the various market sectors: Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Civil Works / Structures, etc. Our team has extensive experience and a well-deserved reputation for working closely with customers, in order to achieve the best results. Due to our technical excellence and our talented professionals, we find innovative solutions to the unique challenges of your project, saving you worries, money and time.

We have carried out construction projects in different areas: public sector, private company and private customers. The projects executed are the best reference and proof of the trust placed in us. From civil engineering projects such as parks, squares, industrial estates, all kinds of roads, sports facilities, public works of renowned prestige in the city of Marbella to residential developments and modern luxury villas that integrate innovative and efficient solutions. We pride ourselves to say that all of them are the result of our professional skills and reflect the quality of our work.

We are committed to complying strictly with deadlines and agreed conditions, offering you the most efficient solutions to complete our building works on time and with guarantee, within a framework of respect for the environment and the safety of our workers. For us, safety is essential, as only in a safe environment the highest quality of service is reached. Labour Risk Prevention has been one of the key factors that has allowed the growth of our company.

From start to finish, Rudeco offers you the technical expertise, financial soundness and quality commitment that you would expect from a solid and reliable construction company. Whatever your project is, Rudeco will provide an added value.



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